5 Things That Happen In The Third Trimester That You May Not Know About

When it comes to pregnancy, you would have been warned how uncomfortable the symptoms in the first trimester are such as the never-ending fatigue, nausea, and having to go to the bathroom all the time due to everything stretching. And, many times you have been told that the second trimester is the ‘honeymoon’ phase because it is usually the time when those symptoms subside, your appetite goes up, you have a lot more energy, and you also aren’t having to go to the bathroom all of the time. However, you don’t hear too much about what to expect in the third trimester other than having to deal with some symptoms of the first trimester such as having nausea for different reasons (the baby is pushing your organs up rather than you getting used to the hormones). And you are having to go to the bathroom all of the time due to pressure, and the fatigue comes back. That is because your baby is getting heavy to lug around and you are having to fight with the center of gravity. That is all you pretty much have been told what to expect during the third trimester. But there are more things to expect during that time as well which are not discussed often, and let’s go over 5 of those third-trimester discomforts now:

Joints Pains Can Easily Happen – You already know how tired you are from having to lug the baby-to-be around. However, you are likely going to also experience joint pains and it has nothing to do with arthritis on its own. It has to do with the fact that your hands, feet, legs, knees, and so on will be under a lot of pressure in addition to fluid retention. Not only is walking in the third trimester hard to do because of having to carry a lot of weight, but it can be downright painful.

Strange Dreams Are A Given – This can happen at any stage of the pregnancy, but during the third trimester, your dreams are going to be the most vivid, odd, and can be quite creepy. In fact, nightmares are common during this phase of pregnancy. Not only are the hormones to blame but the much understandable anticipation with the baby arriving very soon contribute to these types of vivid dreams in the third trimester.

Hair Ends Up In Strange Areas Of The Body – You already know that hair will grow a lot more during pregnancy as the hormones increase hair growth, and that is why you find yourself having to take several trips to the salon for a haircut. The hair will not stop growing, even during the winter. However, in the third trimester, due to the hormones being out of control, you will find your hair ending up in odd places such as on the belly and even on the face. There won’t be a lot of hair, but there will be some and it will be enough for it to be noticeable. Just take a razor and shave it very carefully so you don’t cut, and you can use shaving cream that has no chemicals to use before doing so as well if you find it to be out of control.

You’ll Be Walking Like A Penguin – In the third trimester, you will be having a lot in common with the characters of Happy Feet. You will be waddling, and this may not sound like a stretch to you but once you are in this phase, you will be shocked at how much the only way you can get around is by waddling. But don’t worry, as you will become used to it and others around you will understand that the reason you walk like a penguin is that you are ready to give birth soon! That is a lot of weight to carry.

PUPPP Rashes Will Be Present – You already have been told about stretch marks but you will also end up with PUPPP rashes, and these rashes are referred to as the polymorphic eruption of pregnancy. They are red and bumpy and unpleasant, but they are not serious. It is also a result of the stretching skin. And, the good news is that these rashes end up clearing up after birth. With all of this said, you will not be surprised when you end up with these third-trimester annoyances that you likely have not heard about before reading this article. However, once you have your baby, you will see that going through all of these pregnancy traits and symptoms will be well worth it.

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